two rivers church

Geoff Gilson


I grew up in the suburbs of Wichita Kansas. Growing up my parents took us to a Methodist church on a regular basis. As a kid I was more focused on the physical and social aspects of church life than the spiritual. I always felt that God was calling me to have a relationship with Him, but my attention was elsewhere.

In April of 1991 a tornado destroyed our house and neighborhood. Many friends from our church came to help with new clothes, a place to live, cleanup and emotional support. This showed me the importance of community! Almost ten years later, in the same town but in a different neighborhood, I was living with a couple of high school friends when one night our house caught fire. I lost everything I owned for the second time. Once again, many friends and family came to help me.

After high school I went to college and studied art. While I was in college I worked part-time as a glass blower for a local glass artist. I still have a passion for art and paint from time to time. I feel that art has opened up my mind to the beauty of what God has created around us and in us.

After a while I decided to move to a town outside of Kansas City. While I lived there I went to bars and house parties. I didn't go as crazy as some of the people I was there with, but I came to realize that this could only be a phase that I would have to move on from. I still felt like God kept calling me to Him. I started to work in aviation while I lived in this college town. Working in aviation helped me stay out of trouble because if you fail any drug/alcohol test you will be fired! So I kept myself from getting too crazy.

After a few years I decided it was time to move out of Kansas and go to Colorado. I moved to Denver in July of 2006, and immediately got a job in aviation again. After two years of working at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport I met a good friend who challenged me to start reading the bible. I never really read the bible attentively growing up, but I always felt that God was calling me to. As I read it so much truth came out of it! So I decided to give my life to Christ and see what He would do with it! A few years after that I met the wonderful people of Two Rivers Church! Being an elder at Two Rivers Church is an immensely important and God-honoring job to me. I believe that this is God's calling for my life!